Is Your Tooth Enamel Eroding?

Tooth enamel erosion is a common dental concern, especially as we age. Although tooth enamel is one of the strongest substances in our bodies, there is a range of factors that can lead to erosion or damage over time. Once eroded or damaged, tooth enamel is not replaceable. Dr. Gorsky will look for signs of enamel erosion or damage when you are visiting with us for routine dental care. Early treatment can help you avoid permanent damage and will support your long-term oral health.

Tooth Enamel Erosion: what are the signs?

If your tooth enamel is becoming compromised due to erosion or damage, there are several common signs to look for, including:

  • Increased sensitivity to temperature
  • Tooth pain
  • Changes in the appearance of a tooth’s surface: it may appear to be more or less shiny in spots where the enamel is changing
  • Changes in the color of a tooth: is one or more of your teeth looking different or appear to be yellowing in color?
  • Jagged or sharp tooth edges

Changes in the condition of tooth enamel can be very subtle for some time, making it important to visit with us routinely for exams and teeth cleanings. Regular exams and dental care enable Dr. Gorsky to provide prompt treatment that can often save your tooth. There are situations where minor erosion can be remineralized using certain oral hygiene products.

Treating Tooth Enamel Erosion

If you have eroded or damaged tooth enamel, we can offer restorative dental care to repair and stabilize your teeth. From dental crowns to tooth bonding and veneers, Dr. Gorsky offers experienced care to restore your dental health in Manhattan and our Larchmont dental practice. For patients with certain medical conditions or a genetic predisposition to enamel erosion, our dental care team can work with you to manage your dental health to minimize the impact. Restoring and maintaining your natural tooth structure is important. The health and stability of your teeth play a role in your daily quality of life from smile confidence to the enjoyment of your favorite foods.