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Dr. Gorsky is now offering his comprehensive, personalized dental care to patients and families in the Larchmont area. Our dental care team in Larchmont will offer the quality dentistry that patients expect and enjoy when visiting our mid-town Manhattan dentist office. Our new location in Larchmont will allow patients of all ages in the Mamaroneck area to maintain their oral health and address complex dental health concerns related to the bite.

Choosing A Dawson Dentist in Larchmont

There are many benefits to choosing Dr. Gorsky as your dental health practitioner, including his advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of bite or TMJ-related problems. Dr. Gorsky is a Dawson-trained dentist and has the tools and knowledge to more thoroughly evaluate the health and function of the jaw joints, the main contributing factor to many dental health problems. Dr. Gorsky works with patients on an individual basis to determine the most suitable treatment for a lasting outcome, one that resolves any discomfort and supports a stable smile.

Common signs of a TMJ disorder can range widely from person to person. Dr. Gorsky looks for signs of a bite problem during routine dental exams such as teeth that appear worn, flat, or are damaged. Many patients will feel that their bite is “off” or uneven. There are specific symptoms that many patients notice and that should be addressed promptly to avoid tooth damage. These can include:

  • Jaw pain or clicking noise when eating or speaking
  • Frequent headaches especially in the morning
  • Difficulty chewing comfortably
  • Ear pain or feeling of fullness in the ears

Over time, an untreated bite problem or TMJ disorder can lead to chipped or cracked teeth and can cause other dental health concerns such as periodontal disease. Dr. Gorsky can offer treatment options that are designed to treat your unique symptoms, allow the bite to be aligned properly and prevent further damage to the teeth or gums. A personalized approach to your dental care will provide an outcome that is stable and lasting, supporting your long-term oral health and wellness.

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