Clear Aligners: How Do They Work?

Invisible braces or clear aligners have become one of the most effective means of straightening your teeth and improving your smile for mild to moderate orthodontic concerns. Clear aligners are discreet, comfortable, and often the perfect solution for adult patients. Dr. Gorsky offers Clear Correct® aligners and can provide comprehensive treatment for addressing crooked teeth and malocclusion in our Manhattan and Larchmont, NY dental offices.

Clear aligners: how do they work?

Clear aligners work differently from traditional metal braces. They are designed to put increasing pressure on the tooth roots and connective ligaments to facilitate tooth movement and changes in your supporting bone structure. The whole process starts with digital diagnostics that take images of your teeth and gums. These are uploaded to the Clear Correct CAD/CAM software where Dr. Gorsky can create your unique treatment plan. Once the treatment plan is in place, a series of custom aligners will be created for you in the Clear Correct lab. Your set of aligners will gently move your teeth into the desired position when worn the prescribed number of hours daily, which is typically 22 hours a day.

Are clear aligners painful?

Patients often report feeling slight pressure on their teeth when a new set of aligners is placed. Over-the-counter pain medication will manage this discomfort which will dissipate in a day or two.

How long is treatment with Clear Correct?

The answer to this question will vary for each patient, but the average is about a year. Treatment will be most effective if you follow the prescribed plan, wear the aligners as directed, and come in for periodic checkups.

Is Clear Correct for adults?

Yes. Clear Correct is suitable for adults and is the preferred option among adults for mild to moderate orthodontic concerns. Adult patients appreciate the ability to straighten their teeth without metal braces.

Are clear braces covered by dental insurance?

In some cases, your dental health benefits may cover a portion of your orthodontic treatment costs. Our office can work with you to provide an estimate of total costs and to confirm if there is a dental health benefit available to you.