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Treatment: James had small discolored lateral incisors # 7 and 10. Procedures: We performed crown lengthening and placed veneers on lateral incisors.


William had been noticing chipping and wearing teeth, due to grinding and clenching. Upon examination, we noted that there were back teeth interfering with his jaw joints achieving their naturally seated position, contributing to his grinding issue. After balancing his bite and restoring the front teeth, his smile reminds him of how it was when he was a teenager! Procedures: Bite balancing, lower anterior bonding, 6 upper crowns


Michael had a long-standing periodontal issue that was causing a front tooth to continue to erupt, giving an obvious bite/esthetic obstruction. We were able to replace that tooth with an implant, and conservatively restored some other front teeth to give a brand new appearance. Procedures: Implant, bite balancing, 4 anterior crowns, lower anterior composite resins


Linda had her top front teeth restored years ago, and in the past few years, found herself reluctant to smile due to discoloration and staining around the margins of the old restorations. We balanced her bite and replaced the existing restorations with a more esthetic result. Now she has the smile she dreamed of having! Procedures: Bite balancing, lower anterior composites, 6 upper crowns


Beryl had excessive wear from grinding, and was reluctant to smile because of her shortened teeth. Through extensive discussion, we came up with a treatment plan that would restore her confident smile. With conservative gum treatment to help increase the length of her teeth, we balanced her bite and restored her teeth with crowns and veneers. Procedures: Esthetic gum recontouring, bite balancing, 6 crowns, 8 veneers


Perryn was looking for ways to improve his smile, disliking the space between his front teeth and worn edges of the teeth. After esthetic gum recontouring, bite balancing, 4 veneers and 2 crowns, he has the smile he always wanted.