Clear Correct For Discreetly Straighter Teeth

New York City dentist Dr. Brad Gorsky offers Clear Correct clear braces for their innovative technology and effectiveness. Our patients ask for Clear Correct for their discreteness and ease of use. Clear Correct provides comfortable and convenient orthodontic alternative for teens and adults with mild to moderate orthodontic concerns.

How Clear Correct Works

Clear Correct is a series of clear aligners that are custom fit for your dental concerns. Dr. Gorsky will make impression molds of your teeth to design a custom fit series of aligners. Your custom fit aligners will comfortably and gradually shift your teeth back into alignment. Each set Clear Correct aligners are worn for about 4-6 weeks but treatment times are dependent on your cosmetic goals. Dr. Gorsky will create a personalized treatment plan for your optimal results.

Benefits of Clear Correct New York, NY

Clear braces are made from a thin transparent plastic. The soft plastic will not agitate or damage the gums or other soft tissues in your mouth. Unlike traditional braces, Clear Correct aligners can be removed for cleaning, eating, and special occasions. Because Clear braces are removable and made of a soft material they will damage or stain your teeth like traditional braces. Clear Correct is a safe, gentle, and effective. Patients who use clear braces are less likely to develop tooth decay associated with metal braces.

For many patients, Clear Correct can realign teeth, fix crossbite or close gaps in a discrete and manageable way. For adults who feel anxious about the stigma of traditional braces, clear braces can offer an alternative way to correct orthodontic relapse.

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Clear Correct is the clear way to regain confidence in your smile. Our Manhattan, NY dental care team is dedicated to providing high quality dentistry for natural and beautiful smiles. Every patient will work with Dr. Gorsky to build their personalized treatment plan that will fulfill your cosmetic goals, and restore the function and beauty to your smile. To find out what dental restorations or cosmetic procedures can help to bring back the beauty, function, and health to your smile, contact our New York City dentist office.