Invisible Braces Larchmont, NY

Thanks to advances in dental technology, people with crooked teeth and certain types of orthodontic conditions have more treatment choices. Larchmont, NY dentist Dr. Brad Gorsky is proud to offer his patients ClearCorrect® aligners! ClearCorrect® is an invisible braces system that can effectively align teeth. It is an alternative to traditional braces for patients with mild to moderate misalignment issues. Patients say that this clear aligners system is comfortable and hardly noticeable.

Invisible Braces Larchmont NY

Why Choose Clear Aligners

Dr. Gorsky can fix your orthodontic condition discreetly with clear aligners. For years, dentists and orthodontists have relied on metal braces. They are typically made with metal brackets that have a reputation of causing issues. For example, the metal can poke and cut the soft tissues in your mouth and it can often trap food in there. A patient may feel embarrassment because of their appearance when they smile or speak with braces on their teeth.

ClearCorrect® aligners are clear and hardly noticeable when worn. The aligners are very thin so they will not feel bulky in your mouth. Aside from the gentle pressure they extend to the teeth to shift them into alignment, they are very comfortable.

One major benefit to choosing clear aligners is they are removable. While they must be worn for the majority of the day, they can be taken out to eat and resume a normal oral hygiene routine. You will not have to avoid certain foods like you do with braces. Additionally, brushing and flossing your teeth will not require special tools or steps.

Did you know that we can use this clear aligner system on teens and adults? Teens can avoid the embarrassment of having a mouth full of metal and adults can avoid the stigma of wearing braces!

How ClearCorrect® Works

Dr. Gorsky will analyze your smile to determine if you qualify for clear aligners. The first step is to take digital impressions of your teeth. We will send the information to the ClearCorrect® dental laboratory where they will make a 3-D model of your teeth. This model will help create a clear and concise plan to gradually straighten your teeth.

Once we receive them, we will give you the first few sets of aligners to begin treatment. In most cases, patients need to wear a set of aligners for two to three weeks before switching them out. Dr. Gorsky will want to check your progress about every six to eight weeks at our Larchmont, NY dental office.

Treatment length will vary from patient to patient. Most patients will complete treatment in about one year.

You must wear your ClearCorrect® aligners for 22 hours each day. Two hours should be enough time to remove them for eating and taking care of your teeth. We highly recommend brushing your teeth after every meal so food is not stuck in your teeth with the aligners on.

Learn more about this clear and easy tooth alignment system by calling the dental office of Dr. Gorsky today. We are located in Larchmont, NY and are welcoming new patients who would like to use clear aligners to straighten their crooked teeth. To get started with your treatment, call us today at 212.235.1769 to schedule an appointment or you can schedule an appointment online.