Dental Implants Larchmont, NY

Dental implants are by far the best solution for missing or irreparable teeth. Dentists recommend them as the number one solution for lost teeth. Not only do they most resemble natural teeth, but they can also last a lifetime. Dr. Brad Gorsky is an expert restorative dentist in Larchmont, NY that offers solutions for complex oral health issues such as missing teeth.

Dental Implants Procedure in Larchmont, NY

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant restoration is made up three different parts that come together to replace any number of teeth. The first part is the implant fixture. Fabricators use Titanium to make this small piece that looks like a tiny screw. We surgically implant it into the jaw bone so it can act as an artificial tooth root. It is the base for a dental restoration. We will attach a tiny metal piece called an abutment to the implants. It simply connects the implant fixture to the restoration. The dental restoration is the last part. It replaces the crowns of the teeth and is custom-made so it blends in naturally with the rest of your smile.

What type of dental restoration will I need?

The type of dental restoration you will need depends solely on how many teeth you are missing. One missing tooth will require a dental crown. Several missing teeth in a row will require a dental bridge. We can replace a whole row of missing teeth with a denture implant.

Why Dental Implants are Worth the Investment

While there are several solutions for lost teeth, dental implants offer many more benefits. Both dentures and dental bridges do not replace teeth at the roots. They both also require damaging healthy teeth and adding extra strain on them. The benefits of teeth implants include:

  • Permanent solution for missing teeth
  • Prevents bone loss in the jaw
  • Functions and looks like natural teeth
  • Little to no eating restrictions
  • No risk of restoration falling out or shifting in the mouth
  • Holds the natural shape of the face
  • Can last a lifetime with proper care

The Dental Implant Process at Our Larchmont Dental Office

The process to get dental implants can take up to a year depending on your circumstances. People who need pre-treatments completed may experience a much longer treatment time. This includes periodontal disease therapy, bone grafts, tooth extractions, etc. The implant placement is a surgical procedure that will take place once you are healthy and have a sufficient amount of bone to support them.

After Dr. Gorsky places them, it will take about three to six months for them to heal and fully fuse with the bone. Then we will place a custom made dental restoration, such as a crown or partial denture. Since each patient is different, the best thing to do is to book a consult with Dr. Gorsky. He will develop a custom treatment plan for you and lay out what you can expect during your custom treatment.

Book Your Dental Implant Consultation in Larchmont, NY

Our dentist can replace missing and irreparable teeth with dental implants. If you want to learn more about why this missing teeth replacement solution is the best choice for your oral health, schedule a consultation today with Dr. Gorsky. Call us today at 212.235.1769 or schedule an appointment online to visit our Larchmont, NY dental office.