Dental Bridge Larchmont, NY

Dr. Brad Gorsky is a restorative dentist in Larchmont, NY. He works with patients suffering from missing teeth on an individual basis to determine their oral health needs. A dental bridge is an efficient and effective solution to replace missing or damaged teeth.

Types of Dental Bridges

Removable Dental Bridge

A removable dental bridge is for short term use only. Dr. Gorsky will utilize it as a temporary solution while we create your permanent restoration. It is essentially for aesthetic purposes only and offers little to no durability.

Traditional Dental Bridge

Dr. Gorsky uses a traditional dental bridge for the replacement of one to four consecutively missing teeth at his dentist office located in Larchmont, NY. A traditional dental bridge consists of two dental crowns located on both ends of the prosthesis with the fake teeth (the pontics) located in the middle. The number of missing teeth you are replacing will determine the number of pontics. For example, this bridge can replace up to 3 lost teeth. A dentist fuses the pontics together to create the single piece. Then, the dentist secures the crowns to two adjacent teeth that sit on both sides of the gap. To accommodate the crown, we will reduce the two adjacent teeth.

Dental Bridge Larchmont NY

Cantilever Bridge

A cantilever bridge is basically a traditional bridge except we only secure it to one side of the gap. Dentists only use it when healthy teeth are available on one side. Unfortunately, this will make it not as stable as a traditional dental bridge. We don’t commonly recommend it for the back teeth where a lot of force is used for chewing.

Maryland Bridge

This is a unique type of dental bridge that not everyone will qualify for. A Maryland bridge is a metal framework with fused pontic(s) on it. On both ends are metal ‘wings’ that we bond to the backside of the neighboring teeth. To qualify for this type of bridge, you must have good oral hygiene and the adjacent teeth must be healthy.

Implant Supported Bridge

An implant supported bridge is the best available solution to replace two or more consecutive missing teeth. Instead of relying on neighboring teeth, we insert implant fixtures into the jaw bone and use them to secure the dental bridge. This is the only type of dental bridge that will prevent bone loss in the jaw. It is also the most durable allowing you to eat a normal diet with little restrictions.

How long will my dental bridge last?

The life span of a dental bride completely depends on how well you take care of it. With good oral hygiene habits and regular visits to your Larchmont, NY dentist office, your bridge can last up to 15 years.

How many teeth can a dental bridge replace?

Most dentists use a dental bridge to replace one to two teeth. However, it is possible for it to replace up to four teeth. It is important to note that the bridge will be less stable the longer it gets.

What is the alternative to a dental bridge?

An implant-supported dental crown is an alternative to a fixed dental bridge. Instead of reducing two adjacent teeth to accommodate the bridge, the dentist inserts a single implant fixture into the jaw bone. He will use it to permanently secure the dental crown.

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