7 Reasons to Floss Every Day

7 Reasons to Floss Every Day

Flossing is sometimes overlooked by some as a part of their oral health routine, however, flossing every day is important in preventing not just gum disease but also serious health conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and heart problems.

While you may not enjoy flossing every day, there are many good reasons why so many dentists encourage their patients to do it at least once a day. Dr. Brad Gorsky, a dentist practicing in Manhattan, New York City wants you to know 7 good reasons to floss every day.

1. It prevents bad breath

When bacteria living on plaque between teeth are left unchecked, the acids they produce causes bad breath. Removing these bacteria and leftover food particles from between teeth by flossing daily will preserve gum health while also preventing bad breath.

2. Flossing prevents cavities in hard-to-reach places

Did you know that over 500 different bacteria species live in the average human mouth? Most of these bacteria are harmless, but many of them can cause cavities if allowed to flourish. Bacteria that live in between your teeth can cause cavities there as the acids they produce while digesting food particles eat away at your tooth enamel.

3. It reduces your risk of gum disease

In addition to causing cavities, bacteria can also cause gum disease. What starts out as a little bleeding from your gums can lead to severe decay and tooth loss without you even noticing other symptoms. Regularly removing plaque from between teeth by flossing is a vital part in preventing gum disease from progressing.

4. Serious health problems can come from gum disease

Gum disease can seriously affect your overall health in many ways. New studies have established links between gum disease and Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular problems, diabetes and low birth weight in babies. The best method of preventing gum disease is through regular brushing and flossing.

5. Brushing alone only removes 60% of the plaque from your teeth

While brushing is important to the health of your teeth and gums, nearly half of the plaque that is waiting to inflame your gums and eat away at your teeth cannot be removed by brushing alone. Around 40% of plaque forms between teeth and cannot be removed by mere brushing. Flossing is the only way to remove this hard-to-reach plaque from between your teeth.

6. Flossing saves you money in the long run

By preventing gum disease, cavities, and bad breath, flossing is helping you save money by eliminating the need for complex, uncomfortable, and expensive dental procedures such as fillings, extractions and root canals. The simplest, cheapest way to prevent major oral health problems is with a toothbrush and some dental floss.

7. Your dental team will be proud of you

Your dentist and hygienist know when you have actually been flossing and when you haven’t! To score some extra points at your dental visit and avoid the lecture about flossing as well as the need for fillings or anything worse, make sure your floss daily. The effects will be noticeable.

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