Transform Your Smile With Invisible Braces

Transform Your Smile With Invisible BracesDo you have a crooked or misaligned smile?
Invisible braces are a great way to achieve a straighter smile without compromising your appearance. Traditionally, patients would need to address crooked teeth with metal braces, often causing patients to feel self-conscious throughout their orthodontic treatment. However, due to advancements in orthodontic care, patients have more discreet treatment options to choose from than ever before. One of the leading options for invisible braces is ClearCorrect. ClearCorrect utilizes a series of clear removable aligners that help to gradually shift the teeth into proper alignment.

What Are The Benefits of Invisible Braces

Although invisible braces may not be the ideal solution for complex bite disorder, they can be used to address common orthodontic concerns such as teeth overcrowding, overbite, crooked teeth, and gapped teeth. During your visit, Dr. Gorsky will perform a complete evaluation of your teeth and suggest the most appropriate solution. If Invisible braces are right for you, you can look forward to these key benefits:

  • A discreet solution for addressing crooked and misaligned teeth
  • Aligners are created using durable plastic aligners, creating a more comfortable treatment
  • Straightening crooked teeth can lead to a healthier, more functional smile
  • Removable aligners allow you to enjoy your favorite foods without restriction
  • Aligners can be removed for special occasions and to perform your daily oral hygiene routine

How Long Is Invisible Braces Treatment?

The length of treatment for invisible braces depends on the needs of each patient. If you are starting with a moderate orthodontic concern, you may require a longer treatment time. On average, patients who wear ClearCorrect undergo treatment for 12-24 months. Dr. Gorsky will work with you to build a treatment plan that is suitable for your dental needs. He will review all aspects of your treatment plan, including the length of treatment, to ensure you are fully informed of all phases of your dental care plan.

Invisible Braces in Manhattan, NY

At the office of Dr. Brad Gorsky, we are committed to providing our patients with exceptional dental care. We work with you every step of the way to ensure your dental needs are met. If you would like to determine if invisible braces are right for you, you can visit our Manhattan dentist office. To schedule an appointment, call 212.235.1769 or request an appointment online.