Dental Tech for A Better Bite

Orofacial pain can impact your oral health and the quality of your life.

Patients with TMJ or chronic facial pain suffer from daily headaches, earaches, and tension in the neck and upper back. TMJ may make it difficult to chew or speak without discomfort and can damage the structure of teeth. Essential to treating TMJ is pinpointing the underlying cause of imbalance in the bite.

Dr. Brad Gorsky uses a state of the art diagnostic tool called T-Scan to analyze the health and alignment of the bite. Dr. Gorsky evaluates your entire occlusal system and considers your lifestyle habits and medical history to build a comprehensive picture of the underlying cause of your bite disorder. Treatment is prescribed based on these personal factors for more precise and successful results.

Using Technology for a Better Bite Analysis

T-Scan is a digital bite analysis device. The non-invasive handheld device comfortably scans the alignment of bite to determine where there is an imbalance. T-Scan records the patterns of bite misalignment so that Dr. Gorsky can restore the balance and function of the bite. T-scan is a much more efficient and accurate way to measure malocclusion than the traditional articulating paper. T-Scan shows how your bite functions in all phases of the biting process for a more comprehensive understanding of how your jaw and teeth align.

Connected to an innovative software program, T-Scan records your bite and shows the alignment of the teeth and jaw. Understanding a patient’s bite pattern can help Dr. Gorsky provide targeted treatment for more precise care.

Realign The Bite, Relieve Painful Symptoms

Prolonged malocclusion affects the health of the bite and jaw could lead to secondary dental concerns. Patients with TMJ have a higher risk chipping, cracking or wearing down teeth. Misaligned bites may also increase the chances of developing gum disease and tooth loss.

Addressing malocclusion and realigning the bite can alleviate the painful symptoms of TMJ. Dr. Gorsky offers comprehensive and personalized treatment plans to address the underlying causes of TMJ.

  • TMJ Mouth Guard
  • Bite Correction Procedures
  • Occlusal equilibration

If you experience frequent headaches, popping or clicking in the jaw, or chronic facial pain, our New York, NY area dentist office can help you realign your bite, relieving you of the painful symptoms of TMJ. Contact Dr. Gorsky to request your bite analysis consultation.