Understanding Complex Dental Concerns

Dental health concerns can affect the function, form, and appearance of your smile.
Whether you are missing teeth, or are unhappy with the alignment of your smile, restoring your oral health improves self confidence and supports long-term oral health. The dentist office of Dr. Brad Gorsky provides comprehensive restorative dental services for the treatment and restoration of a wide range of dental concerns for patients in New York City.

Restorative Dental Concerns New York City, NY

Restorative Dentistry for Complex Concerns

This month, we explore the implications of restorative oral health concerns and how they can impact your overall well being and health. Dr. Gorsky and our dental care team can help patients to understand the lasting benefits of restorative dentistry.

Many dental concerns can affect not only the appearance of the smile, but can have a major impact on the way you speak and eat. Damaged, broken, crooked or missing teeth can deter from a patients quality of life, and impact their interactions with other people. Restoring your smile with high quality dental treatments can renew a patient’s self confidence, and promotes better overall oral health.

  • Missing Teeth- Missing teeth compromise the functional and aesthetic aspects of your natural smile. Even one missing tooth can lead to an array of secondary oral health complications. Left untreated, missing teeth can cause bone loss, facial regression, and sagging of the jawline. Missing teeth cause teeth to shift, become loose and increases your risk of gum disease and additional tooth loss. Dr. Gorsky offers patients in New York options for replacing missing teeth such as dental implants, dentures or partials, and dental bridges.
  • Crooked Bite- Crooked teeth are more than just a cosmetic concern. Crooked teeth pose a risk to a patient’s oral health and can lead to an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Crooked teeth are also linked to causing complex bite problems as well as a chronic jaw disorder known as TMJ. Dr. Gorsky offers Clear Correct invisible aligners to adjust crooked teeth.
  • Broken Teeth- Many times patients do not think that a small chip or crack in their tooth is an immediate oral health concern. It is important to know that even the smallest of cracks compromise the structure of your tooth and left untreated could lead to infection or even tooth loss. Treating a damaged or broken tooth immediately can prevent bacteria from entering the inner pulp of the tooth. Dental bonding, dental veneers, or a dental crown can repair a damaged tooth and prevent further complications.

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Patients will undergo a comprehensive oral health examination with Dr. Gorsky to determine which treatments will provide the most effective results. Using a combination of cosmetic and restorative procedures, our goal is to achieve optimal, lasting results in the most conservative manner possible. To request a consultation, contact our dentist office in New York City or use our convenient form to request an appointment online.